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Gilded Age

U.S.History Test Monday
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Great PlainsMiddle of the US, a flat territory with grass-west Mississipi river.more grass for feeding cattles.
Homestead Actproviding settlers 160 acres for 5 years if the stay on that land.people were not leaving for 5 years.
AssimilationThe act of taking away the individualities of other culturesTeaching N. A english language and education.
Dawes ActNative americans were register for being a part of the comunity.ending comunal holding of property for Amer. Indians
AssimilationThe act of taking away the individualities of other culturesTeaching N. A english language and education.
Sand Creekconflict for controling the great plains near of colorado.Massacre where mostly women and children were killed.
Wounded Kneeplace to fight in SOuth Dakota where N. A died.last battle of the indian wars.
Ghost Dance MovementReligious movement for indian beliefs.Indian belief system.
Transcontinental railroadFirst railroad across North AmericaTravel became easier and communication increased
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)Farmer's union to fight big railroadsPeople began to notice and support farmers
GreenbacksPrinted paper money used after the Civil WarCaused huge inflation, hard for people to pay off debt
BimetallismUsing both gold and silver as currency Small inflation, improve economy; never passed
ExodustersAfrican Americans that used the Homestead Act to escape SouthMany families moved west, but few succeeded
Robber BaronsBusinesses exploiting people with high pricesMany workers had poor conditions and were mistreated
TrustsA monopoly, one company controls a whole industryPrices went up, company had no competition for business
Andrew CarnegieControlled Iron/Steel industrymistreated workers but donated most wealth
John D. RockefellerHad an oil monopolyTook advantage of workers, influenced gov't
Sherman Antitrust ActGovernment breaks up trustsSign that gov't is taking notice of unions
Social DarwinismBelief that educated, white civilizations were above othersGov't shouldn't interfere with the market, people on top
Collective bargainingnegotiation between union representatives and employersRise of wage inequality
International Workers of the WorldLabor organization for unskilled workers. Formed by unionists 'Revolutionary' movement that had many protests
Knights of LaborOne of the largest American Labor Organizations, anyone can joinProtested for shorter work hours
American Federation of LaborAn alliance of trade and craft unionsMany strikes occured across the country
Strikeswork stoppage to force management to accept demand forced the managment to work with the workers
Pullman StrikesStrike against America Railway Union(ARU)President sent out army to end the strike
Populismregular people control the government rather than politcal peoplecreated a political party for farmers and unskilled workers
Immigrationact of coming to live in a foreign country permanentlyrecord 23 million arrived between 1880-1881
"New Immigrants"immigrants that were not irish, english, or germanmajority were unskilled
Ellis IslandEast Coast immigrant processing station off the coast of New Yorksymbolized the American dream, Statue of Liberty
Angel IslandWest Coast immigrant processing station, San Francisco CAMain Chinese processing station, many turned away
Chinese Exclusion ActPassed to stop the large inflow of Chinese immigrants to USAstarted the discrimination against Chinese immigrants
NativismThe favoring of native-born Americans over immigrantsimmigrants experienced hate and worse opportunities
Urbanismthe spread of cities across the USA due to immigrationoverpopulation, changes in housing, health issues
Big Businessrise in industries like oil, rich owners and monopolies involvedchanged business in USA, monopolies were soon prevented
Gilded Age Leisurebaseball, boxing, theatre productions, freak showsimmigrants could enjoy these while not working hard
Literacy testA test that was required in order to vote Prevented black people from having political say
Poll Taxan amount of money to be paid to vote, targeted blacksTax that prevent blacks from voting due to their poverty
Grandfather clauseCertain people were exempted from the lawIncreased inequality to allow more white voters to vote
Jim Crow lawsA collection of laws that created inferiority of black peopleLaws that restricted/removed black rights
segregationThe act of setting someone or something apart Was the basis of the culture in the US
Booker T. WashingtonA civil rights activist that was the first blck with a doctorateHad a large political sway, progress through education
WEB Du BoisSupported pan-africanism, and tried to speak out against racismWrote about lynchings and brought truth to the public eye
Plessy v. FergusonA court case where a black person went on a white busSupreme Court gave racist people legal justice for racism
Susan B. AnthonyA women's rights activist, thought that women in the workforce is goodHelped give women back their independence
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