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Gilded age

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Great Plainscentral america and where many of the native americans resides, dryThe NA were later ushed off their land
Homestead Actprovided settlers 160 acres of land in return for 5 years of cultivatingPushed a lot of people into the Great plains
AssimilationTried to make Native Americans more Europeanrid the NA of their culture and they were succesful
Dawes ActAuthorized the gov to sell NA land and gave NA landMade NA more European
AssimilationTried to make Native Americans more Europeanrid the NA of their culture and they were succesful
Sand CreekThe US military attacked a cheyenne village Many innocent women and children were killed
Wounded KneeChester rounded up NA for weapons and then opened fire.many NA died and it was the last battle
Ghost Dance MovementA religious movement for NA to revive their culturespurred religion of NA and less assimilation
Transcontinental railroadRailroad that's made up from the central and union pacific Helped transport resources across the US
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)An alliance from farmers to fight the railroads for better pricesforced railroads to realize they couldn't control prices
GreenbacksA political party that opposed monopolies Helped keep people like rockefeller in check
BimetallismA two metal system, where gold and silver are used as cashWe still kindof use this mone system today
ExodustersBlacks who took advantage of the homestead actHelped blacks migrate away from south
Robber BaronsBusinessmen who used ruthless tactics to get rich Hurt competition of these ruthless businessmen
TrustsLarge business with significant power (monopoly) caused one man to control each industry
Andrew CarnegiePowerful owner of a majority of steel industry supplied steel to just about everywhere in US
John D. RockefellerPowerful owner of majority of oil industry supplied oil to just about everywhere in US
Sherman Antitrust Actprotected consumers from monopolies/trustsNo more monolopies were created/more competition
Social DarwinismThe better/stronger survived and blemished in the economyThis created many monopolies
Collective bargainingpeople wanted more fair working conditionsLed to strikes
International Workers of the WorldUnion for everyone around the worldled to better working conditions
Knights of LaborUnion open to all workers regardless of race/genderled to better working conditions
American Federation of LaborUnion open to skilled workersled to better working conditions
Strikesworkers stop working for better working conditionsled to better working conditions/violence
Pullman StrikesNationwide railroad strikeled to better working conditions/violence
PopulismNew party that favored people/farmersThey lost but some ideas were incorparated
ImmigrationThe act of moving to another country Let's melting pots and tossed salads to occur
"New Immigrants"Came from Europe, Mexico, Asia Population of American rises dramatically
Ellis IslandImmigration checkpoint on the atlantic near statue of liberty Let thousands of immigrants enter the US
Angel IslandFrom 1910 to 1940, the island processed hundreds of thousands of immigrantsLet thousands of immigrants enter the US
Chinese Exclusion ActClosed doors on chinese immigrationForced unskilled chinese men from entering US
Nativismbelief that natives are more supreme than immigrants Americans thought they were better than immigrants
Urbanismthe lifestyle of city dwellersalot of people were moving to the city looking for work
Big BusinessThere were big businesses that bought out other businesses, monopoliesMonoplies were uncontrolable in the early 1900s
Gilded Age LeisureExamples were music, theatre, freak shows, and saloonsThis is how people pasted there free time
Literacy testpart of the jim Crowe laws that required people to read to voteIt allowed whites-only Democratic Party to vote
Poll Taxa tax levied on every adult during votingprevented AA from votingpayment of the tax was a prerequisite for voting
Grandfather clausea clause exempting certain classes of people a piece of rights circumvent literacy tests, poll taxes
Jim Crow lawslocal laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United StatesAllowed African americans to be messed with at anytime
segregationenforced separation of different racial groups in a communityThis forced blacks and whites to seperate
Booker T. WashingtonAmerican educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States.Helped enforce civil rights
WEB Du BoisAmerican sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author, and editorHelped enforce civil rights
Plessy v. FergusonCourt case that led to the "seperate but equal" verdictThis let segregation become constitutional
Susan B. AnthonyAdvocacy of women's suffrageMade a step to help women in the workplace
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