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8th Grade ScienceWoodfin
Wave disturbance or vibration of matter
Electromagnetic WaveTravel through radiation
Mechanical Wavestravel through matter: use conduction
Transverse Waveenergy and particles move at a 90 degree angle to one another
Compressional Wave particles and energy travel same direction
Reflection waves bounce off a flat surface
Refraction wave bends as it goes from one medium to another
Diffraction wave spreads (bends) when it goes through an opening or at a corner
Absorbtion energy of the waves is taken in by the medium
Doppler Effect sound increases pitch as it approaches observer , decreases pitch as it moves away
Echo sound reflection
Resonance 2 or more things vibrate at the same frequency
What happens when energy is transformed work is done and heat is generated
Kenetic Energy energy of motion
Potential Energyenergy of position
Conduction transfer through touch
Convection cycle (can't happen in solids)
Thermal Energy energy of particle motion
Chemical Energy energy stored in the bonds between atoms
Nuclear Energy energy stored in the nucleous of an atom
Mechanical Energy energy of motion or position
Electromagnetic Energy energy of interaction (radiant)
Electrical Energy energy of moving electrons
Magnetic Energy energy of attraction and repulsion of magnetic fields
Elastic Energy energy of tension and release
Transverse Amplitude height from the equilibrium to the crest
Transverse Wavelength Length from crest to crest or trough to trough
Crest top of th wave
Trough bottom of the wave
Compression where particles are packed together
Compressional Amplitude how thick the compression is
Rarefaction space between compressions
Compressional Wavelength distance between compressions
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