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Final Fantasy

Learn the essential facts behind Final Fantasy, one of the best-selling video games of all time!
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created May 9, 2017
TitleBox ArtOriginal ConsoleRelease DateTriviaMain Character(s)Antagonist(s)
Final FantasyNintendo Entertainment SystemDecember 18, 1987Was released as creator Sakaguchi's last-ditch effort to save Square and his video game career.The Light Warriors Kary
Final Fantasy IIFamily ComputerDecember 17, 1988Is the first Final Fantasy game to feature Cid.Firion, Guy, Maria, LeonEmperor of Palamecia
Final Fantasy IIIFamily ComputerApril 27, 1990Was supposed to later be re-released on the Wonderswan platform, but was later put on NintendoLuneth, Arc, Refia, IngusXande
Final Fantasy IVSuper NESJuly 19, 1991"You Spoony Bard!" first appeared in this game.Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rosa Farrell, Cid PollendinaZemus
Final Fantasy VSuper FamicomDecember 6, 1992It took seven years for this game to reach the US market.Bartz Klauser, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, Galuf Doe, Faris Scherwiz, Krile Mayer BaldesionExdeath
Final Fantasy VISuper NESApril 2, 1994The main character was intended to be male.Terra Branford, Celes ChereKefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VIIPlayStationJanuary 31, 1997The US synchronized swimming team swam to this game's music during the 2004 Summer Olympics and won the Bronze medal.Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith GainsboroughSephiroth
Final Fantasy TacticsPlayStationJune 20, 1997The first game set in the world of Ivalice, which was later reused in Final Fantasy XIIRamza Beoulve, Delita HeiralMurond Glabados Church
Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStationFebruary 11, 1999Contains a scene featureing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance.Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Quistis Trepe, Seifer AlmasyUltimecia
Final Fantasy IXPlayStationJuly 7, 2000Was filled with references to earlier Final Fantasy games.Zidane Tribal, Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Vivi OrnitierKuja
Final Fantasy XPlayStation 2July 19, 2001In the Japanese version of this game, Yuna does not tell Tidus that she loves him; she simply thanks him.Tidus, Yuna, Kimahri RonsoSin
Final Fantasy XI: OnlinePlayStation 2, PCMay 16, 2002Has five expansion packsGalka, Mithra, Hume, Elvaan, and Tarutaru racesBeastmen
Final Fantasy X-2PlayStation 2March 13, 2003Was the first direct sequel in the series.Yuna, Rikku, PaineShuyin
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceFebruary 14, 2003Was rerealeased for the Wii U Virtual Console in 2016Marche, Mewt, Ritz, DonedBabus Swain, Llednar Twem, Queen Remedi
Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VIIMobile phonesSeptember 24, 2004Takes place in a world called the Planet, or Gaia.TurksRufus Shinra, Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VII SnowboardingMobile phonesMarch 29, 2005 Is a remake of a popular snowboarding mini-game in Final Fantasy VIICloud StrifeN/A
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation 2January 26, 2006Is set three years after the events of the original gameVincent ValentineDeepground, Omega
Final Fantasy XIIPlayStation 2March 16, 2006Is the only Final Fantasy game without the traditional summonsVaan, Ashe, BaschVayne
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsNintendo DSApril 26, 2007Begins a year after the events of Final Fantasy XIIVaan, Kytes, FiloBa'Gamnan
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation PortableSeptember 13, 2007The game's ending theme, "Why", was sung by famous Japanese singer Ayaka.Zack FairGenesis
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftNintendo DSOctober 25, 2007Part of the Ivalice Alliance collectionLuso ClemensKhamja members
Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsMobile phonesFebruary 18, 2008The female characters in this game were altered for the US release to make their clothes less revealingCecil, Ceodore Harvey, RosaThe "Mysterious Woman", the Dark Knight, the Creator
Final Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 2December 17, 2009Had the biggest Final Fantasy launchLightening, Snow Villiers, Oerba Dia VanilleGalenth Dysley
Final Fantasy XIV: OnlinePCSeptember 30, 2010Received unanimously bad reviews; was recreated as a new game three years laterHyur, Elezen, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Miqo'te racesBeastmen
Final Fantasy Type-0PlayStation PortableOctober 27, 2011Was never released outside of Japan until a remastered edition four years laterClass ZeroCid Aulstyne
Final Fantasy XIII-2PlayStation 3December 15, 2011Contains a cut-scene containing the hidden text "Pray for Japan," referring to 2011 Japanese Earthquake and TsunamiSerah Farron, Noel KreissCaius Ballad
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornPlaystation 3, PCAugust 27, 2013Was created in response to its prequel's poor reviews.Hyur, Elezen, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Miqo'te racesBeastmen
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 3, Xbox 360November 21, 2013Concludes the storyline of Final Fantasy XIIILightningBhunivelze
Final Fantasy AgitoiOS, AndroidMay 14, 2014Takes place in a land called OriencePlayer-created CadetCid Aulstyne
Final Fantasy XVPlayStation 4, Xbox OneNovember 29, 2016Takes place on the fictional world of EosNoctis Lucis Caelum, Lunafreya Nox FleuretIedolas Aldercapt
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