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Famous Volcanoes

Key facts about some of the most famous volcanoes around the world.
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NameOther NamePictureCountryPrimary TypeVolcanic Arc/BeltElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)Last EruptionNote
ArenalPan de Azúcar; Canaste; Volcan Costa Rica; Volcan Río Frío; Guatusos PeakCosta RicaStratovolcanoCentral America Volcanic Arc1,670 5,4802010
CayambeEcuadorCompoundNorthern Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt5,79019,0001786
ChimborazoEcuadorStratovolcanoNorthern Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt6,26320,549550It is the highest mountain in Ecuador and the highest peak near the equator.
CotopaxiEcuadorStratovolcanoNorthern Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt5,89719,347January 2016It is the second highest summit in Ecuador, one of the world's highest volcanoes.
El ChichónChichonalMexicoLava DomeChiapanecan Volcanic Arc1,2053,953September 1982
Mount EtnaItalyStratovolcanoCalabrian Arc3,32910,922March 16, 2017It is the largest active volcano in Europe.
EyjafjallajokullEyjafjalla GlacierIcelandStratovolcanoEast Volcanic Zone1,6515,417April 2010Its eruption caused great inconvenience to the airline industry, making this the most famous volcano in modern times.
Mount FujiFujisanJapanStratovolcanoJapanese Archipelago3,77612,389December 16, 1707It is the highest mountain in Japan.
GalerasUrcuninaColombiaStratovolcanoNorthern Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt4,27614,029January 3, 2010It is currently the most active volcano in Colombia.
HualalaiUnited StatesShieldHawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain2,5218,2711801
IrazuEl ColosoCosta RicaStratovolcanoCentral America Volcanic Arc3,43211,2601994It is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica.
KilaueaUnited StatesShield Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain1,2474,0912016
KrakatoaKrakatau IndonesiaCalderaSunda Arc8132,667March 31, 2014Its eruption in 1883 is the loudest in recorded history and the tsunami it created killed tens of thousands.
Mauna KeaUnited StatesShieldHawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain4,20713,8032460 BC Its peak is the highest point in Hawaii.
Mauna LoaUnited StatesShieldHawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain4,16913,679April 15, 1984It is considered the largest volcano on Earth.
MayonPhilippinesStratovolcanoLuzon Volcanic Arc2,463 8,081September 18, 2014
Mount MerapiMountain of Fire IndonesiaStratovolcanoSunda Arc2,9309,610March 10, 2014It is the most active volcano in Indonesia.
Nevado del RuizLa Mesa de Herveo; KumandayColombiaStratovolcanoNorthern Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt5,32117,457June 2016
NyamuragiraDemocratic Republic of the CongoShield3,05810,0332015It has been described as Africa's most active volcano.
Mount NyiragongoDemocratic Republic of the CongoStratovolcano3,470 11,3802016
Ojos del SaladoArgentina and ChileStratovolcanoCentral Volcanic Zone, Andean Volcanic Belt6,89322,615750It is the highest active volcano in the world.
PacayaGuatemalaComplexCentral America Volcanic Arc2,5528,373June 2015
ParicutinVolcán de ParícutinMexicoPyroclastic ConeTrans-Mexican Volcanic Belt2,8009,2001952
Mount PeleeFrance (Martinique)StratovolcanoLesser Antilles Volcanic Arc1,3974,5831932
Pico de OrizabaCitlaltépetlMexicoStratovolcanoTrans-Mexican Volcanic Belt5,63618,4911846It is the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America.
Mount PinatuboPhilippinesStratovolcanoLuzon Volcanic Arc1,4864,8751993
Piton de la FournaisePeak of the FurnaceFrance (Réunion)ShieldMascarenhas Archipelago2,6328,635January 2017
PopocatepetlMexicoStratovolcanoTrans-Mexican Volcanic Belt5,42617,8022016It is the second highest peak in Mexico.
Mount RainierMount Tacoma; Mount TahomaUnited StatesStratovolcanoCascade Volcanic Arc4,39214,4111894
Rincon de la ViejaCosta RicaComplexCentral America Volcanic Arc1,9166,286March 2016
SakurajimaJapanStratovolcanoJapanese Archipelago1,1173,665February 5, 2016
Santa MariaGagxanul GuatemalaStratovolcanoCentral America Volcanic Arc3,77212,3752016
Soufriere HillsUnited Kingdom (Montserrat)StratovolcanoLesser Antilles Volcanic Arc9153,0022013
Mount St. HelensLouwala-CloughUnited StatesStratovolcanoCascade Volcanic Arc2,5498,363July 10, 2008
Taal PhilippinesCalderaLuzon Volcanic Arc3111,020November 1977
TacanaVolcán TacinaMexicoStratovolcanoCentral America Volcanic Arc4,06013,320May 1986It is the second highest peak in Central America.
Mount Tambora IndonesiaStratovolcanoSunda Arc2,722 9,3501967Its 1815 outburst is the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history.
UlawunPapua New GuineaStratovolcanoBismarck Volcanic Arc2,3347,6572016
Mount VesuviusItalyStratovolcanoCampanian Volcanic Arc1,2814,203March 23, 1944It is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years.
Yellowstone United StatesCaldera2,8059,2031350 BC
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