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Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Learn all about the body's vitamins and minerals and where to find them! IU = International units; mcg = micrograms; mg = milligrams
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TypeNameFunctionsFood SourcesRecommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
VitaminBiotinEnergy storage; protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolismAvocados, cauliflower, eggs, liver, fruits, salmon, whole grains300 mcg
VitaminFolic AcidBirth defect prevention; protein metabolism; red blood cell formationAsparagus, avocado, beans, green leafy vegetables, orange juice400 mcg
VitaminNiacinCholesterol production; converts food into energy; digestion; nervous system functionsBeans, beef, whole grains, nuts, pork, poultry, seafood20 mg
VitaminPantothenic AcidConversion of food into energy; fat metabolism; hormone production; red blood cell formation; nervous system functionsAvocados, legumes, broccoli, eggs, milk, mushrooms, seafood, yogurt10 mg
VitaminRiboflavinCoversion of food into energy; growth and development; red blood cell formationEggs, meats, milk, mushrooms, seafood, spinach1.7 mg
VitaminThiaminConversion of food into energy; nervous system functionLegumes, nuts pork, seeds, whole grains1.5 mg
VitaminVitamin AImmune and reproductive functions; growth and development; red blood cell, skin, and bone formation; visionCantaloupe, carrots, dairy, eggs, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, red peppers, sweet potatoes5,000 IU
VitaminVitamin B6Immune and nervous system function; proteins, fat, and carbohydrate metaboism; red blood cell formationChickpeas, non-citrus fruits, potatoes, salmon, tuna2 mg
VitaminVitamin B12Conversion of food into energy; nervous system function; red blood cell formationDairy products, eggs, meats, poultry, seafood6mcg
VitaminVitamin CAntioxidant; collagent and connective tissue formation; immune function; wound healingBroccoli, brussel sprouts, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes60 mg
VitaminVitamin DBlood pressure regulation; bone growth; calcium balance; hormone production; immune and nervous system functionEggs, fish, fish liver oil400 IU
VitaminVitamin EAntioxidant; blood vessel formation; immune functionGreen vegetables, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils30 IU
VitaminVitamin KBloog clotting; bone strengthGreen vegetables80 mcg
MineralCalciumBlood clotting; bone and teeth formation; blood vessel functions; hormone secretion; muscle contraction; nervous system functionAlmond or rice milk, dairy products, green vegetables, tofu1,000 mg
MineralChloridePH balance; conversion of food into energy; digestion; fluid balance; nervous system functionCelery, lettuce, olives, rye, seaweed, salt, tomatoes3,400 mg
MineralChromiumInsulin function; protein, carb, and fat metabolismBroccoli, fruits, meats, spices, turkey, whole grains120 mcg
MineralCopperAntioxidant; bone formation; collagen and connective tissue formation; energy production; iron metabolism; nervous system functionChocolate, shellfish, lentils, nuts and seeds, liver, whole grains2 mg
MineralIodineGrowth and development; metabolism; reproduction; thyroid hormone productionBreads and cereals, dairy products, potatoes, seafood, seaweed, turkey150 mcg
MineralIronEnergy production; growth and development; immune function; red blood cell formation; reproduction; wound healingLegumes, dark green vegetables, meat, poultry, prunes, raisins, seafood, whole grains18 mg
MineralMagnesiumBlood pressure and blood sugar regulation; bone formation; energy production; hormone sercretion; immune and nervous system function; muscle contraction; heart rhythm regulation; protein formationAvocados, bananas, legumes, diary products, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, potatoes, raisins, whole grains400 mg
MineralManganeseCarbohydrate, protein, and cholesterol metabolism; cartilage and bone formation; wound healingBeans, nuts, pineapple, spinach, sweet potato, whole grains2 mg
MineralMolybdenumEnzyme productionLegumes, nuts, whole grains75 mcg
MineralPhosphorusAcid-base balance; bone formation; energy production and storage; hormone activationLegumes, dairy products, meat, nuts and seeds, poultry, seafood, whole grain1,000 mg
MineralPotassiumBlood pressure regulation; carbohydrate metabolism; fluid balance; growth and development; heart and nervous system function; protein formationBananas, beet greens, milk, oranges, potatoes, prunes, spinach, tomatoes, white beans, yogurt3,500 mg
MineralSeleniumAntioxidant; immune function; reproduction; thyroid functionEggs, enriched pasta and rice, meat, nuts and seeds, poultry, seafood, whole grains70 mcg
MineralSodiumAcid-base balance; blood pressure regulation; fluid balance; muscle contraction; nervous system functionBreads, cheese, cold cuts, meat dishes, poultry, savory snacks2,400 mg
MineralZincGrowth and development; immune and nervous system function; protein formation; reproduction; taste and smell; wound healingLegumes, beef, diary products, poultry, seafood, nuts, whole grains15 mg
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