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Emotional Regulation

Here is where you can learn how to manage your feelings and practice making good decisions!
a data set by lsaintge
created November 15, 2016
EmotionPictureActionHealthy or Unhealthy?
ExhaustedTake a napHealthy
ConfusedAsk a questionHealthy
EcstaticGive my sister a high fiveHealthy
SuspiciousObserve and ask questionsHealthy
AngryTake 10 deep belly breathsHealthy
HystericalTake a jog around the blockHealthy
FrustratedTake deep breaths in downward dog (Yoga)Healthy
SadCover myself in a fuzzy blanketHealthy
ConfidentHelp a friendHealthy
EmbarrassedTalk to a friend Healthy
HappySmile and drawHealthy
MischievousMake a silly present for my dadHealthy
DisgustedTake a few more bites of food and thank the person for the mealHealthy
FrightenedGo snuggle with my family or friendHealthy
EnragedLie down on the floor and take deep belly breaths while listening to a songHealthy
AshamedTell a friend Healthy
SmugHelp a friendHealthy
DepressedWrite in my journalHealthy
OverwhelmedMake a to-do-listHealthy
HopefulWork on my projectHealthy
LonelyCall a friendHealthy
JealousGive my friend a complimentHealthy
BoredDraw or play basketballHealthy
SurprisedMake a cup of teaHealthy
AnxiousMake a to-do-list and then meditateHealthy
ShockedTake deep belly breathsHealthy
ShySmile and introduce myselfHealthy
ExhaustedYell at my momUnhealthy
ConfusedCrumple my homeworkUnhealthy
EcstaticJump up and down on furnitureUnhealthy
GuiltySay something meanUnhealthy
SuspiciousAccuse my friend of doing something wrongUnhealthy
AngryHit my friendUnhealthy
HystericalPunch a wallUnhealthy
FrustratedYell at my brotherUnhealthy
SadWatch TV for 5 hoursUnhealthy
ConfidentPut someone down with my wordsUnhealthy
EmbarrassedPretend like it didn't happenUnhealthy
HappyMake fun of someone who is sadUnhealthy
MischievousTrip someone on the streetUnhealthy
DisgustedYell about how gross the food isUnhealthy
FrightenedStay up all night with the light onUnhealthy
EnragedThrow objects at peopleUnhealthy
AshamedHide under my bed for 3 daysUnhealthy
SmugBully someoneUnhealthy
DepressedEat everything in my fridgeUnhealthy
OverwhelmedWatch TV all dayUnhealthy
LonelySleep all dayUnhealthy
JealousSay something meanUnhealthy
SurprisedRun awayUnhealthy
ShockedRun around on furnitureUnhealthy
ShyStand in a corner of the room all nightUnhealthy
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