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Declaration of Independance

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Vocab WordDefinition
Consent of the governedan agreement made by the people to establish a government and abide by its laws
Declaration of Independencea document written in 1776 that listed the basis for democratic government and the grievances of the colonists
Depriveto take something away
Deriveto take
Despotisma system of government where the ruler has unlimited power
Dissolveto bring to an end
Endowto be given something naturally
Enlightenmenta period in European history when many educated people stressed the importance of learning and reasoning; education was considered the key to understanding and solving society’s problems
Grievancea complaint
Impelto urge
Imposeto establish by using authority or power
Instituteto establish
Libertyan individual’s right to be free
Oppressionthe use of authority or power in a cruel or unjust manner
Pursuit of happinesswhatever an individual defines as making them happy
Quarterto house
Rectitudethe quality or state of being correct
Self-evidentobvious, having no need of proof
Tyrannya government that abuses its power
Tyranta single ruler that possesses and abuses absolute government power
Unalienable rightsbasic rights of the people that may not be taken away
Usurpationthe act of exercising power by force
Natural rightsthe belief that individuals are born with basic rights that cannot be taken away by governments
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