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D-Day: The Allied Invasion of Normandy

Learn about the Allied invasion and liberation of occupied Europe from the Nazis.
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Code NamesLocationsNationalityMain Unit and CommanderGeneral Purpose
Operation OverlordFranceAll 12 Allied NationsAllied Expeditionary Force: General Dwight. D. EisenhowerLiberate Europe & Defeat Nazi Germany
Sword BeachNormandy BeachBritishBritish I Corps: General CrockerEstablish beachhead & capture city of Caen
Juno BeachNormandy BeachCanadian3rd Canadian Army Division: General KellerEstablish Beachhead & capture airfield near Caen
The Atlantic WallWestern Europe CoastlineGerman/Nazi5th & 7th Panzer Army: General Rommel and General Von RundstedtStop the Invasion
Omaha BeachNormandy BeachAmericanUS 1st Army, Vth Corp: General BradleyCapture German Fort at Pointe du Hoc & link Utah and Gold Beach
Utah BeachNormandy BeachAmericanVII Corps: General CollinsEstablish beachhead & capture port city of Cherbourg
Gold BeachNormandy BeachBritishXXX British Army Corp: General BucknallEstablish Beachhead; build artificial port
Bodyguard-Fortress SouthDover-EnglandAmerican & British1st Army Group (counter-intelligence): General Patton Deception--confuse Germans where invasion would land
Panzer Group WestCentral FranceGerman/Nazi9 Panzer Tank Divisions: Adolf HitlerCounter-attack: "throw invaders into the sea"
Operation NeptuneBehind Enemy Lines:FranceAmerican82nd, 101st Airborne Divisions: General Ridgeway, General TaylorCapture strategic positions & prevent German counterattack.
Operation TongaBehind Enemy Lines:FranceBritish6th Airborne Division: General Gale Capture bridges & destroy German field artillery.
Maquis/MaquisardsOccupied FranceFrenchFree French Resistance: Jean Moulin & Gen. de Gaulle Sabotage and Disrupt German forces in France
Operation PlutoEnglish Channel FloorAmerican & BritishArmy Engineers: Admiral Louis Mountbatten Supply oil and gas through under-water pipeline
Operation PointblankFrench/German AirspaceAmerican & BritishUSAF & RAF: Air Marshall Mallory Gain Air Superiority & Destroy German industry and infrastructure
Operation MullberryNormandy BeachheadBritish79th Armoured Engineers: General HobartBuild artificial harbors to unload supply ships
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