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Cooking Terms

Use this dataset to learn useful cooking terms.
a data set by the_gourmet
created August 2, 2017
TermDefinitionOften used to make...Image
Al dente"To the tooth"; pasta that is slightly undercooked, so that it has a bit of resistence. Pasta
BakeTo cook in dry heat, in an ovenBreads, pastries, meats, vegetables
BasteTo moisten food while cooking by pouring fat drippings and/or sauces over itMeat and poultry
BlanchTo immerse rapidly in boiling water and cook slightlyVegetables
BraiseTo cook food in a small amount of liquid for a long time, tightly coveredPork
BroilTo cook on a gril under direct heatMeat
ButterflyTo cut food down the center (but not through) and open the two halves flatMeat
CaramelizeTo heat sugar until it liquefies and become a caramel-like--also works on the natural sugars in fruitSugar, fruit, vegetables
ClarifyTo remove sediment from a liquid, making it clearStock, butter
CreamTo soften a fat by beating it at room temperatureFrostings
CureTo preserve meat by drying and smoking/saltingProsciutto, Bacon
DredgeTo lightly coat food with flour, breadcrumbs or cornmeal before fryingOnion rings, fried chicken
Egg washA mixture of egg yolks and/or whites beaten together with water or milk, then brushed over food to give it a shiny coatingBreads
EmulsifyTo combine two liquid ingredients that wouldn't normally wouldn't go together, like water and fat; done by pouring one ingredient slowly into anotherMayonnaise
FilletTo remove bones from meat or fishSalmon
FlambéTo pour a potable alcohol over the food and set it alight.Cherry jubilée
FoldTo incorporate a delicate food, like whipped cream or beaten egg whites, into another without releasing air bubblesAngel food cake
GlazeTo cook with a sugar syrup; or to cover with a glossy icingDonuts
GratinDescribes an oven-baked dish where a crunchy crust of breadcrumbs, eggs, or cheese is formedPotatoes au gratin
InfuseTo steep and ingredient in liquid until the flavor is dispersed throughout the liquidTea
JulienneTo cut vegetables or fruits into thin stripsFruits and vegetables
MarinateTo soak food in a liquid mixture of seasonings in order to moisten and flavor it; dry spice mixes may also be rubbed onto the foodPoulty, meat, seafood or vegetables
MinceTo cut food into tiny piecesGarlic
ParbroilTo boil until partially cookedCarrots, potatoes
PareTo trim something and cut away its outer skinApples
PoachTo cook food by gently simmering in liquid just below the boiling pointEggs
PuréeTo grind food until completely smooth, using a food processor or blenderTomato sauce
ReduceTo boil a liquid until it thickens and reduces in volumeSauce
RenderTo melt a solid fat slowly into a liquidButter
RoastTo cook food in an oven un-coveredChicken, meat, vegetables
SautéTo cook food in a small amount of butter or oilChicken, meat, seafood, vegetables
ScaldTo cook fruits or vegetables in boiling water for 30 seconds to loosen their skinsVegetables, fruit
SearTo brown meat or fish quickly over high heat in a frying panSteak, Salmon
SimmerTo cook slowly in liquid over low heat -- the liquid should be just barely bubblingSauces
WhipTo beat rapidly in order to incorporate air into the mixtureWhipped cream, egg whites
ZestTo remove the outermost layer of a citrus peelLemon-flavored dishes
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