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Consumer Decision Making

a data set by cstanton
created September 27, 2016
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Consumer Decision Makingthought process of a purchasing decision
Internal Searchsearching information based on previous experiences of using the product or service
External Searchsearching for outside information to learn about the product or service
Cognitive Dissonancepost-purchase anxiety caused by the doubt of whether a correct purchase decision has been made
Demographic Status quantifiable statics detailing an individual’s current status, such as age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and income
Target Market specific group for which a business's products, services and marketing efforts are intended
Lifestyle mode of living which reflects the attitudes and values of an individual or group
Personality individual’s consistent pattern of interactions in response to recurring situations which forms a distinctive character
Perception process in which an individual creates personal experience by selecting, organizing and interpreting information available to him or her
Motivationenergizing force which causes action to satisfy a need
Attitude predisposition to respond to a product or brand in a favorable or unfavorable way
Belief subjective perception of how well a product or brand performs
Cultureset of symbols, rules and values which are formed by a homogeneous group of people and transmitted to the next generation
Reference Group groups to which an individual looks as a source of personal standards
Family group consisting of parents and children living together in a household
Family Life Cycle different stages of a family experience, such as marriage, birth and retirement
Selective Exposureconsumers actively choose messages which they want to see
Selective Attentionconsumers decide how much attention they would like to give to a message
Selective Comprehensionconsumers interpret information so that it is consistent with their beliefs and values
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