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Colonization of America Study

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HistoriographyThe study of history changing
Why does historical interpretation change?Different Views, Application of Question, sources used, Geography
ALL of the various causes of the colonization of North and South AmericaLooking for a sea route to Asia Competition between rival countries Wealth/financial gain National glory Desire to spread Catholicism Trade Private companies seeking profits Individual proprietors Religious groups escaping persecution Religious conversion
Ferdinand Magellan Unfortunate explorer, died in the philippines, his crew finished the expedition, he got the credit
Basic questions considered in historiographyWho? What hanged? Why did it change? Bias?
The Columbian Exchange Including major effects Trade of slaves, services, and goods. Triangle between 3 or 4 places. From the Old world to the New World
The Great Dying (The Great Disease Migration) What is it Causes Effects When Europeans moved and colonized America they brought diseases that Native Americans are susceptible to the diseases. Most of the Native Americans Died. It had negative affect.
Foundations of Colonial America Geography Race Religion Democracy Nationalism Economics Extreme Patriotism, Claiming land for their mother country. Land Of free religion, but people wanted it to be their religion and would kill people if they did not change to their religion Mayflower Compact Specialization trade Tobacco
Role of Religion in colonial AmericaColonized for religious freedom or spreading religion
Exports Article, service, or good sold aboard(Worldwide)
Gains from TradeEconomic benefits created from allowing an increase in voluntary trading with each other
Role of politics in colonial AmericaColonized for representative government and more freedoms
GlobalizationIncreasing economic mixing and becoming interdependent of economies worldwide through intensification of international trade.
Imports A good or service brought into a country from another
Specialization (economic) Occurs when people choose not to be self-sufficient in producing all goods and services. Rather, they choose to produce a narrow range of goods and services based on relatively low costs of production, giving them productivity or comparative advantages in the production of specific goods and services.
Economic GrowthIncrease in the amount of goods and services produced per person.
Entrepreneurs Individuals willing to take calculated risks in organizing resources in new ways, advancing technology, entering new markets, and engaging in international trade.
Specialization (economic) Chose to focus one product and make a lot of money on. They still make other products, but not a lot.
Entrepreneurs a person who heads a business or businesses while taking on financial risk
Reasons the colonists were able to economically prosper between 1585 and 1770Natural resources available Lack of competition Specialization Interest
Gender History a way of looking at past historical events from a gender-based perspective; looking at history through the eyes of different genders
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