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Civil War

U.S. History Unit 4: Civil War
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Secessionformal withdrawal of a state from the UnionS.Carolina was the first
Compromise of 1850California is a free state, Utah/N.Mexico has popular sovereigntyTexas paid for territory relinquished
popular sovereigntyresidents vote to decide an issuegiven to Mexico & Utah concerning decision to accept/reject slavery
Fugitive Slave Acta law enacted as part of the Comproise of 1850 that angered abolitionistsensured that escaped slaves returned to bondage
Underground Railroadsystem of routes along which runaway slaves were helped to escape to freedomFamous conductor was Harriet Tubman
Uncle Tom's Cabinbest-selling noval that portrayed slavery as a great moral evilWritten by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Bleeding Kansasterritory that was a battleground between proslavery and antislavery forcesMany Missourians came over to vote for slavery, even though territory would have voted against
Kansas-Nebraska Actgave these territories' residents the right to decide whether to allow slaveryestablished these territories as states
Republican Partyanti-slaveryparty of Lincoln
Dred Scott Decisionslaves are still property, even when in a free state in company of masterSlave sued for freedom after being brought to free state by master
Election of 1860Final straw that caused southern states to start to seceedLincoln victory
Anaconda PlanBlockade coasts, divide south in MississippiUnion battle strategy
AntietamTurning point in war, Union victory, Lincoln follows up with Emancipation ProclamationLee went into North, defeated
Sherman's march to the seaUsed total war tactic of burning down everything in pathCaptured Southern railroad terminus
54th Mass RegimentFirst black troop, fought at Fort WagnerMovie Glory
Fredrick DouglasFamous abolitionist writerFormer slave
Ulysses S. GrantUnion generalLater president
Robert E. LeeSouth generalConsidered one of best general in war history
Emancipation Proclamationexecutive order by Lincoln to free slaves in all regions behind Confederate linesSouthern planation owners refused to obey
Gettysburg Addressfamous speech by Lincoln, union should be preservedAfter Gettysburg Battle won by Union
13th AmendmentAbolished slavery
14th AmendmentMade African-Americans citizensprotected under law
15th AmendmentGave blacks the right to voteWomen excluded
ReconstructionEra of helping the south regain its footingDiscussions on how to integrate freed slaves
Freedman's Bureaufederal agency set up to help former slaves after the Civil WarHelped with food, medical supplies, labor contracts, etc
Radical Republicanswanted to destroy the political power of former slaveholderswanted to give blacks full citizenship and the right to vote
black codesdiscriminatory laws passed throughout the post-Civil War south to restrict blacks' livesprohibited blacks travelling without permits, carrying weapons, serving on juries, testifying against whites, marrying whites
Andrew JohnsonPresident after Lincoln assassinatedWanted quick unity with Conferedate states, did not want to force them to ratify 14th amendment
Sharecropping / tenant farmsystem in which landowners give farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for part of the crops they raiseWorkers became so indebted to landlords, it essentially was slavery all over again
Homestead Actprovided 160 acres in west to any citizen who was head of household40 Acres and a Mule - same idea, but for freed slaves
sectionalismputting state interests before the nation
Advantages of NorthPopulation, factoriesBetter food & supplies, President Lincoln
Advantges of SouthMoney (from cotton), defense of way of lifeExcellent generals
Lincoln's goalsbeginning of war: UNITYend of war: ABOLITION
GettysburgUnion victorybattle condiered a turning point in war
Advanced new weaponryBulletsIronclad ship
Compromise of 1877Neither president won, south agreed to elect Republican if northern troops leftOfficially end the Reconstruction
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