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Chemical Reactions

Chapter 3
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Vocabulary WordDefinition
Chemical changeA change that produces one or more substances that differ from the original substance.
Physical change A change in which the appearance of a substance changes but the properties stay the same.
Chemical formulaA way to write the kinds and numbers of atoms in a compound.
SubscriptA number in a formula that tells the number of atoms of an element in a compound.
Chemical ReactionChemical change in which elements are combined or rearranged.
MixtureA combination of substances in which no reaction takes place.
DissolveBreak apart
SoluteThe substance that is dissolved in a solution.
SolutionA mixture in which one substance is dissolved in another.
SolventThe substance in which the dissolving occurs in a solution.
Chemical equationA statement that uses symbols, formulas, and numbers to stand for a chemical reaction.
ProductA substance that is formed in a chemical reaction.
ReactantA substance that is changed to form a product in a chemical reaction.
BalanceTo keep the number of atoms the same on both sides of the equation.
Law of conservation of matterMatter cannot be created or destroyed in any chemical change.
CoefficientA number placed before a formula in a chemical equation.
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