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Chapter 5 - Preparing for Birth

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Obstetriciana doctor who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth, for medical care duing pregnancy.
Anemiaa condition that results in not having enough red blood cells.
Rh factorknow the presence of Rh or Rh negative of this protein is very important
Gestational Diabetesa form of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy discovered through a glucose test.
Preeclampsiathis condition is characterized by high blood pressure or protein in the mother's urine
Proteinfound in meat poultry, fish, dried beans, nuts, eggs, milk and cheese.
Folic Acidfolate found in green vegetables
Vitamin Aneeded for proper eye development
Vitamin Bassists in general fetal development
Vitamin Chelps build healthy teeth and gums and helps form the connective tissue of skin, bone and organs.
Vitamin Daids in the creation of bones and teeth.
Calcium and Phosphorusthese work together to keep the mother's bones and teeth strong and build your body.
Carbohydrates and Fatsprovides the body with energy and performs many other important
Weight gaintypically gain about 24 to 30 pounds
Emotional healthpregnancy and birth are major events in a couple's life and feelings and emotions are important.
Pediatriciana doctor who specializes in treating children
budgetsa spending plan the meets your needs
maternity or paternity leavebusinesses with more than 50 workers must offer 12 weeks of unpaid family or medical leave to new mothers and fathers.
Alternative Birth Centersa place that has a homelike enviornmnet for labor and delivery
Child Birth Optionsnatural, cescarian, and water
Personal careget plenty of rest, exercise and practice good hygiene
Discomforts of pregnancynausea, sleepiness, heartburn, shortness of breath, varicose veins, muscle cramps in legs, lower back pain
First Examblood pressure, medical history, meaure of pelvis, and analysis of urine
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