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Ch 1 Review

a data set by salbury
created September 26, 2016
key worddefinition
big bang theorytheory that explains how the univere was created
massive starevolves into a red super giant, makes mostly helium
average starevolves into a red giant, makes mostly helium
young starmakes helium
red super giantused to be a massive star, makes elements 2-26
red giantmakes elements 2-7
planetary nebulamakes elements 2-10
super novamakes elements 27-109
hawkingscientist who did the mathematical proof for the big bang
big bangevent that created hydrogen
gamowscientist whose idea is called the big bang
experimenttest used to gather data on a hypothesis
hypothesiseducated "guess" as to the cause of a problem or observation
primordial atmosphereatmosphere made up mostly of hydrogen and helium, was blown away by the solar wind
secondary atmosphereatmosphere created by outgassing, had no free oxygen
modern atmosphereatmosphere that has free oxygen from the activities of living organisms
13.7 billion yearshow long ago the Big Bang occured
Proto-Earthname given to early Earth when it was a homogeneous mixture, before its layers settled
Heavy elementsdensity of elements that make up the Earth's core
Middle density elementselements that made up the layers of the crust and mantle
light density elementselements that made the atmosphere and oceans
density stratificationexplains how Earth's layers formed based on the density of elements
4.5 billion yearAge of the Earth
Oceanlarge body of saline water that surrounds the continents
Primordial Oceanplace where life first formed
fossilized bacteriaearliest life forms found
gasesitem from volcanoes that formed simple organic molecules when energized by lightning
carbonaceous chondritesmeteorites believed to have brought water to Earth
outgassingprocess of gases escaping from the Earth's interior due to volcanic activity
modelitem used to mimic something that is hard to study or experiment on in science
starsbirthplace of elements
expandingHubble discovered that the universe is doing this
moving away from each otherHubble discovered galaxies doing this
microwaveradiation evidence of the Big Bang
balloonused by us as a model of the universe
marine sciencestudy of the world ocean and its inhabitants
world oceanbig body of saline water, all of the oceans combined
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