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Cell Organelles

Cellular organelles with their cell types, functions and pictures.
a data set by jeanette.baker
created November 22, 2016
OrganelleDescriptionFunctionPictureLocationEukaryote, Prokaryote or Both
Cell WallOuter layer, Rigid, Strong, Made of CelluloseSupport and protect plant cellPlant OnlyBoth
Cell MembraneSurrounds all cells; Selectively permeable lipid bi-layerControls movement of material in and out of cellBoth Plant and AnimalBoth
NucleusLarge dense center of cellControls cell activities; contains DNABoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
Nuclear MembraneSurrounds nucleus; Selectively permeableControls movement of materials in and out of nucleusBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
CytoplasmJelly-like material where organelles are foundSupports and protects cell organellesBoth Plant and AnimalBoth
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (Rough E.R.)Network of tubes or membranes; contains ribosomesCarries materials through cell; location of ribosomesBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth E.R.)Network of tubes or membranes; does not contain ribosomesCarries materials through cell; does not contain ribosomesBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
NucleolusLarge structure inside nucleusSynthesizes ribosomesBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
ChloroplastGreen organelle containing stacks of thylakoidsPerforms photosynthesis; traps solar energy to produce glucose and oxygenPlant OnlyEukaryote
MitochondriaDouble membrane bound organelle containing matrix and cristaeGenerates ATP energy for the cell through cellular respirationBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
RibosomeVery small organelles free-floating in cytoplasm and on Rough E.R. Synthesizes proteinsBoth Plant and AnimalBoth
VacuoleLarger in plant cells than animal cells. Liquid filled and membrane bound. Stores water and other materialsBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
VesicleSmall membrane bound sacks. Created during endocytosis and exocytosis. Transport materials through cytoplasm.Both Plant and AnimalEukaryote
Centrosome Star shaped structure on both ends of cellMicrotubule organizing centerBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
Golgi ApparatusFlattened network of membrane-enclosed disks (cisternae)Modifies and packages proteinsBoth Plant and AnimalEukaryote
LysosomeSmall organelle that contains digestive enzymesDigests waste and other materials in cytoplasm.Both Plant and AnimalEukaryote
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