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Canadian Provinces and Territories

Canada, the second-largest country by area in the world, consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The main difference between provinces and territories depends on how they came into existence. This data set contains many key facts of each province/territory. Why not challenge yourself to learn them all?
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created March 6, 2017
TypeNameAbbreviationLocationCapitalLargest CityDate of Entering ConfederationPopulation (2016)Total Area (square miles)Total Area (square kilometers)FlagShieldCoat of ArmsOfficial Language(s)BirdFlowerTreeMottoNickname(s)
ProvinceAlbertaABEdmontonCalgarySeptember 1, 19054,067,175 255,541 661,848EnglishGreat horned owlWild roseLodgepole pineFortis et liber (Strong and free)Wild Rose Country (official); The Princess Province; The Energy Province; The Sunshine Province
ProvinceBritish ColumbiaBCVictoriaVancouverJuly 20, 18714,648,055364,764 944,735 EnglishSteller's jayPacific dogwoodWestern redcedarSplendor sine occasu (Splendour without diminishment)Beautiful British Columbia (official); Super, Natural, British Columbia; The Pacific Province
ProvinceManitobaMBWinnipegWinnipegJuly 15, 18701,278,365250,116647,797EnglishGreat grey owlPrairie crocusWhite spruceGloriosus et liber (Glorious and free)Friendly Manitoba (official); The Keystone Province; The Postage Stamp Province; Land of 100,000 Lakes; Canada's Heart Beats
ProvinceNew BrunswickNBFrederictonSaint JohnJuly 1, 1867747,101 28,150 72,908 English and FrenchBlack-capped chickadeePurple violetBalsam firSpem reduxit (Hope restored)The Picture Province; The Loyalist Province
ProvinceNewfoundland and LabradorNLSt. John'sSt. John'sMarch 31, 1949519,716156,453 405,212EnglishAtlantic puffinPurple pitcher plantBlack spruceQuaerite prime regnum Dei (Seek ye first the kingdom of God)The Rock; The Big Land
ProvinceNova ScotiaNSHalifaxHalifaxJuly 1, 1867923,59821,34555,284 EnglishOspreyMayflowerRed spruceMunit haec et altera vincit (One defends and the other conquers)Canada's Ocean Playground (official); The Sea Bound Coast; The Land of Evangeline; Bluenoser Province
ProvinceOntarioONTorontoTorontoJuly 1, 186713,448,494 415,598 1,076,395 EnglishCommon loonWhite trilliumEastern white pineUt incepit fidelis sic permanet (Loyal she began, loyal she remains)Yours to Discover (official); The Province of Opportunity; The Heartland Province
ProvincePrince Edward IslandPECharlottetownCharlottetownJuly 1, 1873142,9072,1855,660 EnglishBlue jayLady's slipperRed oakParva sub ingenti (The small protected by the great)Spud Island; Million Acre Farm; The Garden of Gulf; Abegweit; Minegoo; The Island; The Cradle of Confederation
ProvinceQuebecQCQuebec CityMontrealJuly 1, 18678,164,361595,391 1,542,056FrenchSnowy owlBlue flag irisYellow birchJe me souviens (I remember)Je me souviens (official); La Belle Province
ProvinceSaskatchewanSKReginaSaskatoonSeptember 1, 19051,098,352251,366 651,036EnglishSharp-tailed grouseWestern red lilyPaper birchMultis e Gentibus Vires (Strength from many peoples)Land of the Living Skies (official); The Bread Basket of Canada; The Wheat Province; The Land of Seed and Honey
TerritoryNorthwest TerritoriesNTYellowknifeYellowknifeJuly 15, 187041,786519,734 1,346,106Chipewyan, Cree, English, French, Gwich’in, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, North Slavey, South Slavey, and TłįchǫGyrfalconMountain avensTamarack larchCanada's Last Frontier; Land of the Polar Bear; North of Sixty
TerritoryNunavutNUIqaluitIqaluitApril 1, 199935,944808,1852,093,190 Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, English, and FrenchRock ptarmiganPurple saxifrageNunavut sannginivut (Our land, our strength)Our Land, Our Strength
TerritoryYukonYTWhitehorseWhitehorseJune 13, 189835,874186,272 482,443 English and FrenchCommon ravenFireweedSubalpine firThe Land of the Midnight Sun
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