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Basic Kitchen Equipment

Basic Kitchen Equipment, definitions and pictures
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created September 18, 2016
Baking Sheetfour sides about 1 inch deep. Used to bake sheet cakes, pizza, chicken pieces, and fish.
BlenderUsed to chop, blend, and liquefy.
Serrated Knifeserrated or saw-tooth blade. Used to slice breads and other soft foods
Cake PanUsed to bake layer cakes and other baked goods
Can OpenerUsed to cut lids off of metal cans
Cookie SheetUsed to bake cookies, biscuits, and pizza; also used to toast bread.
CasseroleUsed to bake and serve main dishes and desserts.
Chef Knifelarge, triangular blade. Used to slice, chop, and dice fruits and vegetables
ColanderUsed to drain liquids from foods
Cooling RackUsed to hold baked goods and hot pans off of counter/table tops, preventing scorching; allows air to circulate around foods so it cools quickly.
Cutting BoardUsed to protect counter and table tops when cutting and chopping.
DishwasherUsed to clean/sanitize kitchen equipment and tableware.
Double BoilerUsed to cook and melt foods that scorch easily, such as sauces, chocolate, custard, butter, etc
Dry Measuring Cupbasic set contains 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, and ¼ cup. Used to measure dry and solid ingredients.
Dutch OvenUsed to cook large amounts or sizes of foods on the range or in the oven.
Electric Skilletused to fry, bake, roast, panbroil, stew or simmer food.
Choppersmall hand-held to multi-bladed size. Used to chop foods, such as nuts, eggs, meats, and some fruits and vegetables
Food ProcessorUsed to blend, chop, grate/shred, grind, knead, and slice.
Kitchen ShearsUsed to snip, trim, or cut fresh herbs, dried fruit, vegetables, meat, and pastry
GraterUsed to grate/shred foods, such as cheese and cabbage.
Hand MixerUsed to blend, beat, and whip ingredients.
LadleUsed to lift and serve sauces, soups, stews, gravies, salad dressings, and punches.
Liquid Measuring Cupcontains measurements for portions of a cup and fluid ounces. Used to measure liquid ingredients
Loaf PanUsed to bake loaves of bread, pound cake, and meat loaf.
Range may be electric or gas. Used for frying or cooking in liquid, on top of the range; baking, broiling, or roasting
RefrigeratorUsed to refrigerator/freeze perishable foods.
Roasting PanUsed to roast meats and poultry.
Rolling PinUsed to flatten dough
Rubber SpatulaUsed to remove solid ingredients from measuring cups.
Saucepansize from ½ - 4 quarts. Used to cook foods in liquid on a range.
Saute Pan/SkilletUsed to brown and fry foods.
Measuring Spoonbasic set contains 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and ¼ teaspoon. Used to measure small ingredients, usually less than ¼ cup.
Meat ThermometerUsed to take the internal temperature of foods to ensure the safety and sanitation of foods.
Microwave Ovenan oven that uses microwaves to cook or heat food.
Mixing BowlsUsed to prepare and combine ingredients for recipes.
Muffin PanUsed to bake muffins, cupcakes, and rolls.
Oven Mitts/Pot HolderUsed to protect hands while handling hot bakeware and cookware.
Paring Knifesmallest kitchen knife. Used to remove a thin peel from fruits and vegetables
Pastry BlenderUsed to blend flour and solid fat
Pastry BrushUsed to brush pastry and other foods with butter or sauces; removing crumbs from cakes before frosting.
Pie PanUsed to bake dessert and main-dish pies and quiches.
Pizza PanUsed to bake pizza.
Stock PotUsed to cook large amounts or sizes of foods in liquid on a range.
ScaleUsed to weigh dry ingredients, usually larger amounts.
SifterUsed to remove lumps from and incorporating air into dry ingredients before measuring.
Slicing Knifelong, thin blade. Used to cut large cuts of meat or for slicing meat.
Slotted SpoonUsed to remove solid food from and draining away liquids
Slow Cooker/Crock PotUsed to cook slowly for several hours; convenient for one-dish meals.
Square/Rectangular Cake PanUsed to bake a variety of cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.
Stand MixerUsed to blend, beat, whip ingredients, and to knead dough.
SteamerUsed to steam vegetables to retain nutrients.
Straight Edge Spatula Used to level dry or solid ingredients
Straightening Steel long steel rod. Used to straighten knife edges between sharpening
StrainerUsed to remove solid pieces from liquid foods
Toaster Oven Used to bake and broil small amounts of foods in addition to toasting.
ToasterUsed to brown/toast breads and pastries on both sides at one time.
TongsUsed to turn meats and fried foods; griping and lifting bulky foods.
TurnerUsed to lift and turn foods, such as cookies, meat, fish, pancakes, and eggs.
Vegetable PeelerUsed to pare/peel fruits and vegetables
WokUsed to quickly fry foods in a very small amount of fat.
Wooden Spoonswill not scratch pan surfaces. Used to mix and stir ingredients
Wire WhiskUsed to stir, beat, and whip foods; incorporates air into foods; helps to prevent/remove lumps.
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