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Aztec Society- Who is who?

Who was who, and where, in 16th Century Aztec Society?
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created October 22, 2016
Tenochtitlan Population(in 1500) 250 000
London Population(in 1500)50 000
Tenochtitlan was larger than …(1500) Paris
KingCommander in chief of armies and oversaw all laws, courts, punishments
SlavesUsed for human sacrifice if badly behaved with 3 previous owners
NoblewomenEngaged in spinning and weaving
Commoner womenMade clothing and materials to be traded for food or sold at market
MenMay to Nov, engaged in farming. At other times they were warriors or labourers.
WomenBurned incense and maintained the household alter.
The local courtLocation where petty crimes and disagreements were dealt with (commoner rep of the king)
Cihacoatl-DeputySnake woman –Head of high court. Advisor to the king. Really a male
Tecuhtli –lord equivalentHead of civil service, given land,servants, provided an army
MacehualliCommoners governed by a high noble lord
MayequesWorked the macehualli, other commoners’ land. Serfs. Sometimes sold themselves into slavery due to debt
Those who spread liesLips were cut off
GirlsTaught craft and how to raise children
BoysTaught to read, write and handle weapons.
Fighting in the armyVoluntary to join
Goal of those involved in warfareCapture, not to kill
Reward for first capture in wafareDecorated with a cape in public, wore face paint and allowed to marry
QuetzalcoatlFeathered serpent, God of creation, Fertility, Venus
People sacrificed Between 10000 and 50000 per year to please the gods
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