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At-Med Unit 3 Global Worlds

Americas: Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayans, Inca Exploration: Causes, Technology, Explorers Spanish Colonialism: Encomienda, Castas
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created November 8, 2016
peninsularesEuropeans born in Spain
creolesEuropean descent, but born in the Americas
mestizosOffspring of European and Native Americans
mulattoesOffspring of Africans and Europeans
encomiendaLabor system in Spanish America which exploited native laborers
castasMulti-racial, casted (broken into specific classes) society in Spanish America
mitaHarsh labor system of natives in silver mines in South America
mercantilismEconomic policy which favored: bullion, colonies sending raw materials to the motherland, and exporting more than importing
colonyArea under the control of another country, usually with the purpose of sending raw materials back to the motherland
bullionGold and silver
balance of tradeBalance between import and exports in an economy
Middle PassageLeg of the triangular trade in which slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas
Treaty of TordesillasLine of demarcation giving Spain most of the Americas and Portugual, Africa
Columbian ExchangeExchange of ideas, food, disease, and people resulting from European contact with the Americas
The Great DyingMassive die-off of Native Americans due to disease from contact with Europeans
Hernan CortesConquered the Aztecs
Francisco PizzaroConquered the Inca
Vasco de GamaFound water route from Europe to East Indies
Christopher ColumbusTried (and failed) to find route to East Indies by going WEST
AstrolabeUsed to help sailors navigate by telling them their location
Mercator ProjectionA map that shows true distance at the expense of proportion and size of continents
Henry the NavigatorSponsored a school of navigation in Portugal
TenochtitlanCapital city of the Aztec Empire
TeotihuacanCapital city of the Mayan Empire
Human SacrificeReligious practice of Mayans and Aztecs
TerracesFarming methodology of the Inca that used mountain sides
MilpasSlash and burn technique of the Mayans
ChinampasRaised gardens with canals between - used by Olmec, Mayans, Aztecs
OlmecEarliest major Mesoamerican civilizations
AztecsWarlike empire in Mesoamerica, used human sacrifice and psychological terror to extract resources from conquered
MayansMesoamerican civilization with regionalized city-states
IncaSouth American empire in the Andes Mountains
QuipuWriting system of Inca
Machu PicchuMagnificent Incan city on a mountaintop
Slave tradeInherited by the Portuguese (from the Muslim world) and strengthened because of their strong presence on African coastlines
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