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Art Mediums

A set of many of the most common artistic mediums.
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created May 1, 2017
MediumDescriptionImage of MaterialExample
Acrylic PaintWater-based paints, most often applied to canvas, are employed.
AirbrushPaint containers, fitted into an airbrush gun, are used to spray paint onto a surface.
CeramicsPorcelain, clay, and other materials are shaped into objects and often coated with paint and/or a glaze.
Chalk PastelsA combination of chalk, pigment, and gum arabic, they dry matte and can be wiped off of a surface (thereby requiring a fixative).
CharcoalBurned and dehydrated wood is employed.
CollageAn assemblage of objects (often paper) glued to a surface.
Colored PencilsPencils which have different pigments in their cores are employed.
Conté CrayonsA mixture of clay and graphite or charcoal, pressed into sticks, and used. Modern Conté crayons use pigments other than graphite and charcoal to achieve an array of colors.
EtchingLines are cut into a metal plate using acid; these lines are then filled with ink and the plate is used to make a print on paper.
GlassGlass artists employ blowing, kiln-casting, fusing, slumping, hot-sculpting, and other techniques to create art.
Gouache PaintA water-based opaque paint, similar to watercolor except that it is not translucent until significantly watered down.
Graphic DesignCombination of text and images utilized in advertising, magazines and books.
GraphiteA stable form of carbon (sometimes mixed with other elements such as clay in modern times) is used to make markings on paper.
LinocutA design is carved in relief on a linoleum block and "stamped" onto paper.
Mixed MediaMore than one medium is employed.
MosaicAn assemblage of glass, stone, or other materials are put together to form an image.
Oil PaintOil-based paints, most often applied to canvas, are employed.
Oil PastelsA combination of oil, pigment, and wax, these will not harden fully and do not require a fixative.
PaperFolding or cutting paper to create a pattern or image.
Pen and InkLiquid pigment/dye that is used to color a surface.
PhotographyImages are created by recording light electronically or chemically (on film).
PlasterA material containing gypsum, lime, or cement, this medium can be used to create relief sculpture, moulding, or decorative elements.
Screen PrintingA method of printing which utilizes a stencil to block ink. The open areas of the stencil allow ink to be pressed from a mesh onto the surface desired.
Stone CarvingSharp tools are used to carve stone into a shape.
Watercolor PaintingWater-based translucent paints, most often applied to paper, are employed.
Wood CarvingSharp tools are used to carve wood into a shape.
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