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Ancient Rome

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Italy is a peninsula
Most influential event to cause the patricians to change the Roman governmentPlebians went on strike and planned rebellion
Under the tripartite governement, who is the most powerful elected officialsenate
How are the Twelve Tables and the US Constitution similarBoth were written to protect people's rights
What is the best descriptions of what would happen if the laws were not written down?Citizens would have broken laws without knowing it.
Main reason that Roman trade network grewFertile soil that allowed them to produce more than enough food for their people
Why did nearby countries declared war on RomeThey were threatened by Rome's power
Why were both Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus killed?Angered wealthy Romans by speaking for small farmers
How did Caesar respond to the Senate after the war in GaulHe led his army into Rome
After the death of Julius Caesar, who stepped up to lead?Marc Anthony and Octavian
Roman roads were primarily built toAllow Rome's armies to travel safely through the empire
What material did the Romans invent that helped their structures lastcement
How did the Roman language influence how people speak and write today?Many modern languages are based on Latin
By the end of 100AD, Roman emperors started givingup land that htey conquered. Why?The empire had become to large to defend efficiently
Romans frequently made payments to the Goths. Why?To prevent them from attacking Rome
dictatorsrulers with almost absolute power
Latins/EtruscansPeople that first settled in Italy
LegionGroup of soldiers
PatriciansRome's wealthy citizens
PlebiansCommon people
EmpireWhen Nerva, Trajan, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius lead the people of Rome
Pax RomanaPeaceful time during the first 200 years of the Roman Empire
Punic WarsWars between Carthage and Rome
RepublicGovernment in which people elect their leaders
CincinnatusStepped up as a dictator when Rome needed him.
HannibalLeader of Carthage who used elephants in battle
Julius CaesarDeclared himself dictator for life
JustinianFirst Christian Emperor
SpartacusGladiator that led a slave revolt
aqueductraised channel to carry water
archcurved opening essential to Roman architecture
checks and balancesKeep any one part of government from becoming stronger or more influential than others
forummeeting place which housed the Twelve Tables
vetoLatin for "I forbid"
Apennine Mountainsmountains that run north/south through the center of Italy
Alpsmountains that run east/west through the northern section of Italy
Tyrrhenian Sealocated off of the western coast of Italy and bordered in the west by Corsica and Sardinia
Adriatic Seaa body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula
RomeA city in the center of Italy
Sicilyisland located off the tip of the boot of Italy
Carthagean ancient city located in modern-day Tunis in Tunisia
Gaulname given by the Romans to areas including present France, Belgium, Luxemburg and parts of the Netherlands
Rome's lower classes saw Julius Caesar asa hero
One reform of Julius Caesar's that still affects us today12 month calendar
What political system did the Roman's introducerepublic
Brothers who fought to bring reform to the early republicTiberius and Gaius Gracchus
Proconsulgovernor of a province
HadrianRoman emperor who made laws easier for everyone to understand asnd built a wall in Britain to mark the boundary of the empire
reformto change
CaligulaRoman emperor who murdered many people and had questionable sanity
Circus Maximusevents held by leaders to show/support the plebians
triumviratethree rulers who share equal political power
Octavianfirst emperor after the republic
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