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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary

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created December 7, 2016
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cataractsteep cliffs and large boulders that form dangerous, fast-moving waters
deltawaterways that form a fan-shaped area of fertile marshland
shadoofa bucket attached to a long pole that lifts water from the Nile and empties it into basins
papyrusa reed plant that grew wild along the Nile. It was used to weave rope, sandals, baskets, and river rafts, and later,s to make paper
hieroglyphicsEgyptians created symbols that represented sounds, just as the letters of our alphabet do. The combination of pictures and sound symbols created a complex writing system
dynastya line of rulers from one family
uniquenot typical; unusual
isolateto set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone
unifyto make or become a single unit; unite:
theocracyA government in which the same person is both the political leader and the religious leader
pharaohthe Egyptian ruler
bureaucratgovernment officials
embalmingthe process of preserving Egyptian bodies for the afterlife.
pyramidenormous structures were made of stone and covered the area of several city blocks. Centuries after they were built, these monuments still tower over the desert sands. The pyramids protected the bodies of dead pharaohs from floods, wild animals, and robbers.
distributeto divide and give out in shares; deal out; allot
resideto exist or live in
laborphysical or mental work
constructto make or build
roleposition, responsibility or duty
manualdone, operated, worked, etc., by the hand or hands rather than by an electrical or electronic device
obtainto get or acquire
incensea material burned for its pleasant smell
acquireto come into possession or ownership of; get as one's own:
authoritythe right to control, command, or determine
declineto fail or dwindle; sink or fade away
savannagrassy plains, that stretch across Africa south of the Sahara
textilewoven cloth
relyto count or depend on
challengea call to fight, as a battle
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