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Ancient Egypt Sorting

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created December 7, 2016
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EgyptLocated on the banks of the Nile RiverLocated in NE AfricaRegion is mostly desertDesert provided protection against invasion
HatshepsutStarted as a regent for her stepsonAppointed herself pharoahOne of few female leaders in the anceint worldPeace and economic success during ruleEncouraged trade with faraway lands
AfterlifeBelief that life continues after the body is deadFood, clothing, and other possessions left with bodies for the afterlife
Role of womenHad most of the rights that men hadCould own propertyCould run a businessCould even be a ruler
How did Ancient Egypt benefit from the Nile RiverMarsh kept out enemiesTradeTransportationGave water to drink & grow cropsCataracts kept out enemies
Egyptian Contributions in Medicinetreat illness1st medical booksembalmingbody parts
Egyptian contributions in WritingHieroglyphicspapyrus
Egyptian contributions in art and architecturepyramidsdeveloped medical skillsan understanding of astronomyadvancements in math
Egyptian Contributions to Astronomyfractionsmath365 day calendar
Pharoahpolitical leaderreligious leader
King Tut10 year old boy kingrestored religionall his treasures found by Howard Carter
Ramses IIregained lost landsmost successful leader of the New Kingdomsigned peace treatiesbuilt temples
How did Egypt's power declinecostly warsarmies attacked
Why did Egypt need organized governmentoversee construction and repair of irrigation systemneeded to develop a process for storing and distributing grain during famineneeded to settle conflicts over land ownership
What did the Egyptians lean to do because of their practice of embalming?Develop basic medical skillsSew cuts and set broken bonesWrote down medical information on papyrus scrollsFirst to use splints, bandages, and compresses
Who was involved in building the pyramids?surveyorsengineerscarpentersstonecutters
Who was part of Egypt's upper class?PharaohArmy CommandersNoblesPriests
Who was part of Egypt's middle class?TradersArtisansscribesshopkeepers
Who was part of the lowest social classin Egypt?farmersunskilled workersherdersslaves
Contributions of Ancient Egyptian Society365 day calendar12 month calendarsystem of written numbers based on 10
Political responsibilities of the pharaohappointing officialsleading people during times of troubledistibuting landgiving orders
Religious responsibilities of the pharaohrepresenting gods on earthreligious ceremoniesriding a bull around Memphis to keep soil fertilebeing the first to cut grain at harvest time
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