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Acronyms - Technology

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created January 2, 2017
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AcronymsDefinitionsPort Number
WAPWireless Access Point
MACMedia Access Control Address
MITMMan in the Middle
DoSDenial of Service
DNSDomain Name System53
NATNetwork Address Translation
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
DDoSDistributed Denial of Service
APTAdvanced Persisten Threat
RATRemote Access Trojan
FTPFile Transfer Protocol20/21
SSHSecure Shell22
ACLAccess Control List
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
BIOSBasic Input Output System
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CIAConfidentiality Integrity Availability
AAA Authentication, Access Control, Auditing
DACDiscretionary Access Control
RBACRole Based Access Control
CVECommon Vulnerabilties and Exposures
XSSCross Site Scripting
DMZDemilitarized Zone
HDDHard Disk Drive
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol80
SSLSecure Socket Layer443
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol3389
ICMPInternet Control Messaging Protocol
IOCIndicator of Compromise
OSINTOpen Source Intelligence
ISPInternet Service Provider
IPDIntrusion Prevention System
IDSIntrusion Detection System
NIPSNetwork Intrusion Prevention System
NIDSNetwork Intrusion Detection System
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
LANLocal Area Network
WANWide Area Network
DHCPDynamic Host Control Protocl67
SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol25
POP3Post Office Protocol110
MANMetropolitan Area Network
NICNetwork Interface Card
NOS Network Operating System
OSOperating System
NOCNetwork Operations Center
NTPNetwork Time Protocol123
OSCPOnline Certification Status Protocol
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PAT Port Address Translation
PSKPre-shared Key
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
SANStorage Area Network
SCPSecure Copy Protocol
SSIDService Set Identifier
STPShielded Twisted Pair
UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SSOSingle Sign-On
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SSDSolid State Drive
RAMRandom Access Memory
TPMTrusted Platform Module
TGTTicket Granting Ticket
URLUniform Resource Locator
USBUniversal Serial Bus
UPSUninterruptible Power Source
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VPNVirtual Private Network
VoIPVoice over IP
WPAWi-Fi Protected Access
OSI Layer 1Physical
OSI Layer 2Data Link
OSI Layer 3Network
OSI Layer 4Transport
OSI Layer 5Session
OSI Layer 6Presentation
OSI Layer 7Application
EMIElectro-magnetic Interference
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