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3 Major Religions of the Middle East

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MuslimA person who is a follower of Islam
AllahThe name for "God" in Islam
RamadanThe month in the Islamic calendar when followers do not eat of drink during the day.
QuranThe holy book of Islam.
Facing MeccaThe direction Muslims face when they pray.
MuhammedConsidered to be the last prophet in Islam.
JewA person who follows the religion of Judaism.
AbrahamJudaism is based on the belief that "God" spoke to this man.
CovenantThe belief that God will someday send a Messiah who will redeem them from exile and bring world peace.
TorahThe five books of Moses found in this book which tells the story of the origins of the Jews and explains Jewish laws.
Hebrew BibleThe holy book of Judaism.
MenorahThis was made up of 8-candles used in the celebration of Hanukkah.
Yom KippurThe holiest day in the Jewish calendar when Jews do not eat or drink for 25 hours.
Rosh HashanahThe name of the Jewish New Year that occurs during the month of September or October.
Christianity Began after the death of Jesus Christ, is based on the belief in one god and on the life and teachings of Jesus.
Jesus ChristBelieved to be the son of God, born in the city of Bethlehem, and is both divine and human.
ChristiansBelieve Jesus died for humanity's sins.
PalestineA region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea where the Phonenicians lived.
CanaanThe ancient home of the Hebrews, later called the Jews. The land God had promised to Hebrews.
monotheismA belief in a single god
MosesThe man who led the Hebrews out of slavery.
IsraelThe new kingdom from 1020 to 922 B.C.
JudahWhen the kingdom divided, this part was in the south.
tributePeace money paid by weaker power to a stronger power.
Mount HiraPlace where the archangel Gabriel squeezed Muhammad and caused the words of Allah to flow from his mouth.
IslamThe arabic word for submission and the name of the religion started by Muhammad after he was spoken to by the archangel Gabriel the words of Allah.
MuslimMeaning "one who submits to the will of Allah."
Ka'baThe holy shrine in Mecca
paganDid not believe in Judaism or Christianity, Polytheistic - many gods
Five Pillars of Islamconfession of belief (one god, Allah, and Muhammad, his prophet) , prayer five times a day, Ramadan, (an annual month-long fast), giving alms to the poor (charity), and the pilgrimage to Mecca (once in a lifetime)
Cultural diffusionThe process by which an object or an idea from one culture spreads to different cultures.
AramaicThe native language of Jesus Christ.
messiahThe savior who would bring peace and harmony to the people of Israel.
apostlesFollowers of Jesus Christ who spread his word.
HammurabiThe king of Babylon and is well known for the harshness of his laws.
Sahara Desert
Strait of Gibraltar
Suez Canal
Nile River
Mt. Ararat
Persian Gulf
City of Mecca
Red Sea
Caspian Sea
Tigris River
Euphrates River
Saudi Arabia
TithingThis pillar expects Muslims to give alms or charity to the poor and needy.
Hajj/PrilgrimageThis pillar expects all Muslims, if capable, to take a trip to Mecca at least once in their lives.
Group PrayerThis pillar expects Muslims to perform this 5 times per day.
There is only one god, Allah, and his prophet MohammadThis pillar is the expectation of all Muslims regarding their belief in divine figures.
Fasting during RamadanThis pillar expects Muslims to give up food and drink for a while.
SunniThis sect of Islam believes that after Mohammad's death, close friends and generals should be in charge of making decisions for the Islamic region.
ShiiteThis sect believes that after Mohammad's death, his family should be in charge of making decisions for the Islamic religion.
Fertile CrescentKnown for its land that is good for growing food.
MesopotamiaKnown as the "Land Between Two Rivers"
Nile RiverUsed for transportation, irrigation, and hunting/fishing.
Israelis and PalestiniansHave been fighting since 1948 over land disputes.
PolytheismThe belief in more than one god.
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