20 Influential Battles in History

This list provides information about 20 famous battles that greatly influenced the progress of history.
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BattleWarBattle Start DateBattle End DateLocationParticipant 1 (Commander)Participant 2 (Commander)ResultPicture
Siege of YorktownAmerican RevolutionSeptember 29, 1781October 19, 1781Yorktown, Virginia, United StatesUnited States - France (George Washington)Great Britain (Lord Cornwallis )Decisive Franco-American victory (End of major land operations in North America; Beginning of peace negotiations)
Battle of HastingsNorman Conquest of EnglandOctober 14, 1066October 14, 1066Hastings, East Sussex, EnglandNormans (William of Normandy)English (Harold Godwinson)Decisive Norman victory (Marking the culmination of William's conquest of England)
Battle of StalingradWorld War IIAugust 23, 1942February 2, 1943Stalingrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet UnionGermany - Italy - Romania - Hungary -Croatia (Friedrich Paulus)Soviet Union (Georgy Zhukov)Decisive Soviet victory (Destruction of the German 6th Army; Axis powers lose strategic initiative on the Eastern Front)
Battle of LeipzigNapoleonic WarsOctober 16, 1813October 19, 1813Leipzig, SaxonyFirst French Empire (Napoleon)Sixth Coalition (Alexander I, Prince of Schwarzenberg)Decisive Coalition victory (The Confederation of the Rhine dissolves; Napoleon loses control of the territories east of the Rhine)
Battle of AntietamAmerican Civil WarSeptember 17, 1862September 17, 1862Sharpsburg, Maryland, United StatesUnion (George B. McClellan)Confederacy (Robert E. Lee)Strategic Union victory (Halting Confederacy's invasion of Maryland; Lincoln's announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation)
Battle of CajamarcaSpanish Conquest of PeruNovember 16, 1532November 16, 1532Cajamarca, Inca EmpireSpanish Empire (Francisco Pizarro)Inca Empire (Atahualpa) Decisive Spanish victory (Capture of Atahualpa; Fall of the Inca Empire)
Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and NagasakiWorld War IIAugust 6, 1945August 9, 1945Hiroshima and Nagasaki, JapanUnited StatesJapanAllied victory (Acceleration of Japan's surrender to the Allies)
Huaihai CampaignChinese Civil WarNovember 6, 1948January 10, 1949Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, HenanRepublic of China (Liu Chih)Communist Party (Liu Bocheng)Decisive Communist victory (Communists occupy areas north of Yangtse River)
Battle of WaterlooNapoleonic WarsJune 18, 1815June 18, 1815Waterloo, BelgiumFirst French Empire (Napoleon)Seventh Coalition (Duke of Wellington, Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher)Decisive Coalition victory (End of Napoleon's rule as Emperor of the French; End of the First French Empire)
Battle of ViennaAustria-Ottoman WarsSeptember 12, 1683September 12, 1683Vienna, Holy Roman EmpireChristian Coalition (John III Sobieski)Ottoman Empire (Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha)Decisive Christian Coalition victory (Ottomans suffer heavy losses and are severely weakened; Coalition of Christians establishes Holy League under Pope Innocent XI to further push back the Ottomans)
Battle of GuadalcanalWorld War IIAugust 7, 1942February 9, 1943Guadalcanal in the Solomon IslandsAllied forces (Robert L. Ghormley, Alexander A. Vandegrift)Empire of Japan (Isoroku Yamamoto)Strategic Allied victory (Beginning of Allied Offensive Operations in the Pacific)
Battle of GettysburgAmerican Civil WarJuly 1, 1863July 3, 1863Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United StatesUnion (George G. Meade)Confederacy (Robert E. Lee)Decisive Union victory (The turning point of the American Civil War)
Battle of TrafalgarNapoleonic WarsOctober 21, 1805October 21, 1805Cape Trafalgar, SpainUnited Kingdom (Horatio Nelson)French Empire - Kingdom of Spain (Pierre-Charles Villeneuve, Federico Carlos Gravina y Nápoli)Decisive British victory (End of French Empire's plan to invade England; Confirming British Empire's naval supremacy)
Battle of SaragarhiTirah CampaignSeptember 12, 1897September 12, 1897Tirah, North-West Frontier Province, British India British Empire (Havildar Ishar Singh)Afghan Pashtuns (Gul Badshah)Afghan Pashtun military victory (The destruction of Saragarhi); British Indian strategic victory (The recapturing of the post by another British Indian contingent)
Battle of MidwayWorld War IIJune 4, 1942June 7, 1942Midway AtollUnited States (Chester W. Nimitz)Japan (Isoroku Yamamoto)Decisive American victory (Devastating damage inflicted on the Japanese fleet; A turning point in the Pacific War)
Battle of BritainWorld War IIJuly 10, 1940October 31, 1940British airspaceUnited Kingdom - Canada (Hugh Dowding)Germany - Italy (Hermann Göring)Decisive allied victory (Marking the first major defeat of Hitler's military forces; The rebuilding of Britain's military forces and the establishment of Britain as an Allied stronghold; The shift in American opinion)
Battle of NasebyEnglish Civil WarJune 14, 1645June 14, 1645Naseby, Northamptonshire, EnglandParliamentarians (Sir Thomas Fairfax, Oliver Cromwell)Royalists (Charles I of England)Decisive Parliamentarian victory (The loss of resources for Royalists to field an army of comparable quality again; End of the First English Civil War within a year)
Battles of Lexington and ConcordAmerican Revolutionary WarApril 19, 1775April 19, 1775Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United StatesMassachusetts (John Parker)Great Britain (Francis Smith)Strategic American victory (British forces succeed in destroying cannon and supplies in Concord; Militia successfully drive British back to Boston; Start of the American Revolutionary War)
Battle of AgincourtHundred Years' WarOctober 25, 1415October 25, 1415Azincourt, Pas-de-Calais, FranceKingdom of England (Henry V)Kingdom of France (Charles I of Albret)Decisive English victory (Start of a new period in the war; The establishment of the legitimacy of the Lancastrian monarchy)
Battle of ToursUmayyad invasion of GaulOctober 10, 732October 10, 732Between Tours and Poitiers, FranceFrancia (Charles Martel)Umayyad Caliphate (Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi)Decisive Frankish victory (Withdrawal of the Umayyad army)